Prop. 106 Constitutes Political Power Grab



Your article, "Proposition 106 redraws rules for mapping election boundaries," by Roundup staff reporter Jim Keyworth in the Sept. 26 (issue) is the most balanced report on Prop 106 I have read so far.

Why a small group of Arizona's most powerful insiders would spend $750,000 to wrestle redistricting power away from the Legislature is the key question. The Arizona Republic and Prop. 106 supporters acknowledge that the mapping process would be little different. Read the quotes at the Web site.

The real answer is found in how political power would be redistributed with Maricopa County receiving more power and rural Arizona losing some.

Rural Arizona's voice at the State Capitol and in Washington D.C. would decrease under Prop. 106. It's a political power grab, pure and simple.

Jeff Miller, Phoenix

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