Alpine Heights Homeowners Protesting Road District



Property owners in Alpine Heights and Alpine Ridge are being asked to form a Road Improvement District to reconstruct the streets in those areas. Each property owner will be charged for the work by the town.

The actual cost for each lot or parcel will be determined by the linear street front footage, (or whatever method the council establishes), as per Title 48. If the owner does not pay the entire charge at the time of assessment, it will go to bond, and the town will record a lien against their property. The charges will be added to the owner's tax bill (or they will be billed separately). Interest will be charged at the going rate for 10 or 15 years depending on the bond term until the entire balance is paid.

The town says it's too expensive to repair our streets, so we must pay for it ourselves. Our streets are no better or worse than other town streets. Is everyone in town going to be responsible for repairing the streets fronting their property? The town budget was $30 million last year and $40 million this year. Where is the money going?

At the October homeowners meeting, the town engineer said "If you do not register an objection (with the town during the official protest period), you will be counted in favor of this initiative. If there are no protests to the project, or if protests are insufficient, the town will conclude that support for the project exists and will retain an engineer to begin final plans for the project."

We have formed a committee against this initiative, and are asking all Alpine Heights and Alpine Ridge owners to protest it.

Robert Carr, Payson

Editor's note: The Town of Payson didn't initiate the Alpine Heights Road Improvement District. A group of homeowners in the Alpine Heights area, who have asked the town for help in rebuilding their roads, are driving the project. The town has agreed to pay half the cost of the project, which is estimated to cost $1.2 million, but the issue has not been addressed or approved by the town council.

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