Homeowners Have Good Reasons For Forming Improvement District



The undersigned, volunteer homeowners of Alpine Heights, have recently been involved in an attempt to form a Municipal Improvement District.

We have done this because we feel that our streets and drainage system definitely need to be upgraded to current standards. We have been in contact with as many property owners as possible in order to obtain approval to form the district. There is a total of 140 properties in the proposed district.

The most frequently mentioned reasons for forming the district are:

Reduction of the storm water surge that dumps a great deal of granite onto the streets, and causes a small river to flow down the center of Alpine Heights Drive.

Lacking repair, the deterioration of the streets will definitely continue at an increasing rate.

The offer of the town to contribute 50 percent toward the project's cost is far better than waiting for the costs to escalate in the future.

Improving the streets will improve the value of the homeowners' properties.

The repair and maintenance of the streets after the project is completed will be the responsibility of the town. We have a letter from Town Manager (Rich)Underkofler that states this fact.

Theodore F. Scholz and the following volunteer homeowners: N. Barnes, T. Brown, S. Campbell, J. Potter, A. Etz, R. Weyker, M. Macfarlane

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