'Law-Abiding Citizens Need Not Fall Victims To Gun-Carrying Criminals'



In response to Tina Terry's views concerning the right to own guns, I agree wholeheartily.

If you take away people's guns, only criminals who illegally obtained guns will have them.

Is it not true that every single felon who commits a crime with a gun is already committing a crime by just having a gun?

How idealistic of people to think that if you tell a felon to give you his gun that he will happily give it to you. To think a non law-abiding person will obey this law is ludicrous. I completely support what Tina Terry has said about disarming Americans and how it will not "stop the violence" but increase it.

We the law-abiding citizens need not fall victims to gun-carrying criminals because we are defenseless. We have the right to bear arms in the Constitution for our protection and many other reasons.

Kristine Anderson, Payson

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