Legislators' Conduct Tarnishes Republican Party



For the record, I am a registered Republican of many years, am very proud of it and am proud of our candidates until now. I was disturbed when members of that other party did not stand up and condemn the sleaze and corruption of the past eight years. It seems that the public is so used to it from Washington, D.C. that nobody speaks out anymore. Now I am disturbed that we have local sleaze and corruption within the party of Lincoln and Reagan, and I don't see anybody speaking up. Two of our local legislators voted for Senate Bill 1504, which set in motion the alternative-fuels vehicle program. That shows little intelligence, but of even more concern to me is that these same two then took advantage of the bill so that we taxpayers can subsidize their purchases of new vehicles.

I want every voter to be aware that Debra Brimhall and Jake Flake both Republicans are these two legislators. I urge every voter to call them or e-mail them, and ask why they did as they did.

Dick Krugh, Payson

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