'Wake And Vote Democrat'



It is imperative that we all be properly informed, perhaps even newly educated, in order to make good decisions regarding Medicare, Social Security and related issues.

Certainly you are aware that we are dramatically, emotionally and financially affected by these and other government programs. You have to assume the responsibility to find out what is going on today, in the way of benefit or harm, to your present life.

Seniors, you are the embodiment of the sense of maturity, experience and wisdom. Please recognize your worth.

Democrats, please try to ease yourselves into a continuation of interest, or re-entry of interest, and activity into American politics as a Democrat.

The (party's) monthly meetings provide a venue for inquiry and access to knowledgeable Democrats who devote their lives to staying in touch with current Washington D.C. laws and policies and how these issues affect our lives in our cities and states.

Our Gila County Democratic Committee person, Gayle Overguaard (520) 425-4232, travels 180 miles round-trip from Globe to Payson once a month. She is anxious to meet you, listen to you and share the latest Democratic news with you.

Please honor her endeavors and try to turn out for the meetings. The land that we love needs us. Seniors, yes, you are needed.

Democrats, please wake and vote Democrat.

Elizabeth Hardy, Payson

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