'Groscost Knew Exactly What He Was Doing'


My name is Jim White. I have served on the Phoenix City Council for two terms and in the Arizona Legislature. I have witnessed the impeachment of a governor and legislators caught in Azscam, and, I believe, when all the evidence is out, we may have another: Alt-fuels Scam.

After reading articles in the Arizona Republic and the Roundup, I felt I must respond to some of the facts: There are several villains in this half-billion dollar boondoggle.

It is my opinion that Mr. Groscost knew exactly what he was doing when he had the legislation drafted. And with a little help from his friends, it became law. Legislators who voted for the bill either didn't understand it or even read the bill. The commerce department, working with Groscost, didn't tell the governor's office anything about the bill. Naughty, naughty.

Someone in the governor's office was asleep at the wheel and didn't alert anyone.

In Dist. 4, I believe Mr. Flake is genuinely sorry, and is attempting to make amends. However, Ms. Brimhall appears belligerent, supporting her friend Groscost, and, like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar, blames everyone else. She says she wanted to be a "guinea pig" (for the program). Guinea pigs belong in the pet shop, not in the legislature.

Who's to blame, and who should be punished? In my opinion:

1. Jeffrey Groscost should be (charged by the attorney general).

2. Any legislator who voted for the bill and purchased a vehicle should return the rebate immediately or suffer possible recall.

3. The person at the commerce department who attended meetings between Groscost and the EPA and didn't tell anyone should be terminated immediately. The person in the governor's office responsible for reviewing bills, should be terminated immediately.

You cannot blame anyone who took advantage of this program. Most people believe the government takes too much of their money now.

If the governor's office or the Legislature attempts to revoke these rebates now, a statewide recall should begin immediately.

My father taught me that when you make a mistake, don't blame others, just live with it.

(And) to Doctor Sanders: Legislators don't write legislation. The staff, hired by the speaker, lobbyist, and groups write legislation. The speaker's office controls all bills introduced.

Jim White, Phoenix

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