Senior Center Volunteers Will Be Missed


As Carolyn Jentzen and Ken Harland leave Pine-Strawberry for their new home in Alabama, the S.C.A.F. Senior Center Board, and all the members and friends who have enjoyed wonderful lunches and good times at the Senior dining room, want to wish them Godspeed, and a huge thank-you for their devotion and care to the Senior Center.

For so many years, Carolyn's culinary efforts not only furnished delicious, terrific meals, but her warmth and concern for everyone made us all feel that the dining room was our second home. Carolyn initiated our great Navajo tacos, which have been so popular at the summer festivals, assisted the treasurer with accounting duties, redecorated the dining room, and kept everything in mint condition. Among Ken's many other duties, he managed the meals-on-wheels, and was so dependable and happy to be able to help.

As they begin a new life in Alabama, from their friends here in Pine and Strawberry and the Valley summer visitors, best wishes to you both, much happiness, and a fond farewell from all your pals at the senior dining room and thrift shop. You will be missed.

Pine Senior Center S.C.A.F. Board

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