Vote Not A Signal That It's Full Steam Ahead For Development


I have talked with many friends, and have seen similar comments in news articles, as to what disturbed people about Prop. 202. It seems that many, myself included, did not have a problem with the underlying premise of the proposition managed growth.

The difficulty came, as is often the case, in the details. The proposition went too far in allowing outside interests undue influence in the growth-management of our lands.

That anyone, anywhere, could sue for lack of application of the laws mandated by the proposition, seemed to be a major benefit only to lawyers who would prosecute the cases. Just what we need, more litigation!

I feel that if those who drafted the proposition had been a little less ambitious and had structured the proposition more carefully, the results would have been far different. Many of those with whom I speak are in favor of controlled or managed growth in order to reel in rampant development. This vote should not be a signal to the developers that it is "full steam ahead" in Arizona.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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