Gore's Last-Minute Election Grab 'A Nightmare'


I cannot believe what I am hearing on the news. Please tell me it is all a nightmare, and I will wake up and our country will be going about its ordinary affairs.

Please tell me that there is not a vengeful man out there in Washington, D. C. who is wreaking havoc in our country with his disgraceful rantings and ravings, accusing everyone of conspiring to keep him from his rightful place as the leader of our country and the whole world, while getting the minorities all riled up with the able aid of Jessie Jackson.

To think that some of his supporters are even suing because they could not follow a plain black arrow from Gore's name to a very plain black dot at the tip of the arrow, and so they think they probably punched out poor Pat Buchanan's black dot! They are confused, I am confused, and now you are confused. Someone could make a fortune if they put Gore's antics and gyrations on a video tape and put it on the market. It would probably out-sell Benny Hill's tapes.

You could probably add a few tapes of the Clinton-Lewinsky charade as a giveaway for those with a taste for lurid stuff.

Well, I had better start packing just in case enough people out there fall for his phony "Vote for me, I'll fight for you" speeches. After eight years of the Clinton-Gore administration, I don't think I could survive four years of the duller half of that team.

If Gore goes to the White House, I'm heading for the Bahamas. I'll keep in touch to find out when I can safely return to the world I used to know, that is, if there is anything left of it. It all depends on what "is, is, or isn't," if you can guess what that means.

Kay Loftfield, Payson

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