Taxation For The Few 'Not What I Fought For'


I firmly believe that taxation is only a little less objectionable than highway robbery. In fact, it may even be worse as the robber has to make the effort to come and get your money, and taxation forces you to take it to them.

Ah, you say, taxation is necessary to support the system that protects you. Yes, if it is used only for that; but we are now taking your money and giving it to others who you might not support. Tax money should only be spent on things that affect everyone and are needed for their health or welfare. All the others should be self-supporting by those who wish to support that venture.

There are many examples of charities getting money out of town coffers. I have not looked into it as of this morning, but will, to find out how many have and to what extent.

What is even worse, tax money is going to support private enterprise. They may label them as incentives, but they are still gifts of your taxes. While Dan Adam's (letter) "Public funds belong to the people" in the Oct. 17 issue (of the Roundup) may have applied the theory to national coffers, the same philosophy applies locally. If it is taken from the public, then it should be spent on those things that affect the public as a whole and not on things that affect only a specific group or individual. The old philosophy: "If there is a need, private enterprise will fill it," should still apply. If it is not filled, then there is not need and it becomes a want.

I define need as that which sustains life; wants are those that enhance life. In my opinion, all wants should be decided by a majority vote by voluntary contributions.

The most recent example of this is the Veterans Memorial issue (upon which) I voted no. This is definitely a want and therefore should be supported by voluntary donations, not tax dollars.

I know there are many things that have been done in town that do not meet my criteria. However, making a mistake over and over will not help. When the committee first came to the council for permission to use park land for the memorial, a member of the council with good intentions made a motion that the town donate $9,000 toward its fruition. And yes, I, too, voted yes on that one. It has bothered me ever since I let that one slip through. Therefore, when the item came up again, I could in no way add my affirmative vote to it and repeat my error. I support the building of the memorial. After all, I am (a veteran).

I ask you, my fellow veterans, to consider that we fought those wars to protect our form of government, and now we sit by and let the politicians and the lawyers take our freedoms away from us. Taking money from everyone and giving it to a few special entities is not what I fought for.

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