Bmx Rider Wants Town To Make Tracks


My name is Matt Lister. I am an eighth-grade student. I know you've probably heard time and again that we need more youth facilities. And this is another letter that backs that up.

I play town sports. I even played football for the school. But there are people like me who aren't the greatest at ball sports. I like what the town is doing for us kids, but some of us don't want to go play baseball over the weekend.

I am a BMX rider, and the Town of Payson tore down our BMX park. That was one of the very few youth facilities in Payson. I went to that BMX park nearly every weekend. I mean, it wasn't the greatest track in the world, but that was at least something to do. A lot of kids were really mad about that.

Now if we want to practice, we have to go all the way to the Valley and pay fees, depending on where we go.

I think some of the kids had a chance to go on and make a living out of the sport.

Also, the town is thinking of tearing down the skate park. If the skaters don't care, I think that we (bike riders) should be able to go ride in there. If we try to build some dirt jumps, people just wreck them.

I wish the Town of Payson would consider giving us a little lot or something with some dirt that we could build on. We already have five baseball fields in town. All I want is a place to do what I like without getting in trouble.

Please help. The town says it wants to do something for the youth in this town. Here's its chance.

Matt Lister, Rim Country Middle School student

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