Recycling Hits Curbs Next Week


Payson's first curbside recycling program will officially begin next Wednesday, just in time for the Thanksgiving trash crush, Tyler Tabar, president of Arizona Recycling Curbside Specialists, said.

"That will be the first pick-up day," Tabar said, "and we'll be passing out the bags on Monday and Tuesday of next week."

Although the recycling company is working independently of the local trash companies, it picks up the same day participants are scheduled to receive their regular trash service.

The area-wide program, which has been endorsed by the Town of Payson and welcomed by the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce, is known as a "two-bag system."

Participating residents put newspapers, magazines and junk mail in clear recycling bags and bottles, cans, aluminum and plastics in blue recycling bags. When the bags are removed each week by Arizona Recycling, new bags are left for the following week.

The program is expected to extend the life of Buckhead Mesa landfill north of Payson, delaying the expensive process of capping the facility and building another. Tabar estimates that as much as 16 tons of discarded recyclables can be diverted from the landfill every week if 80 percent of the residents in the area use the program.

How to sign up

Residents can sign up for the recycling program, which costs $19.20 a year, by calling (480) 759-1437 or by sending a check for $19.20 to ARCS, 16443 S. 43rd St., Phoenix, AZ 85048. Be sure to include your phone number.

To schedule an educational presentation on the program presented by the Town of Payson, call Jeff Durbin at 474-5242, ext. 2379.

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