Concert Series One Of Payson's Best-Kept Secrets


On Monday evening my wife, my eldest son and I, joined hundreds of Rim country residents to attend an event at the Payson High School Auditorium that is, in my opinion, one of Payson's best-kept secrets the Tonto Community Concert Series.

The show was fantastic. The Rhythm Brothers took us on a journey through time to experience the history of American music close up and personal. As we sat in the audience we were caught up in the performance in a way that made us part of the show. The versatile quartet delivered more than promised, combining instrumental wizardry, rich harmony vocals and genuine comedy, all served with a sense of excitement and energy. There was no doubt that these four men love what they do, and we felt privileged to be able to watch as they shared their talent with us. You know a show is good when you can't tell who's having more fun, the audience or the performers, and when it feels like it was over too soon.

It is refreshing to know that Payson has dedicated men and women volunteering their time to bring such talent to Payson. And while the auditorium seats were lined with a large crowd, there is room for more to attend this entertaining series.

People in the Rim country may not expect this caliber of talent to be performing in Payson, but it's here. And anyone who attended the performance Monday evening will tell you they wouldn't have missed it. Especially the comedy musical routine by the bassist who could play the Sousaphone with or without the instrument. (It was unbelievable. Ask someone who attended to tell you about it.)

I would like to thank the Tonto Community Concert Association volunteers for their dedication in preparing this series for us. The performances were inspiring, fun, entertaining and educational. We encourage seniors and families in the Rim country to contact the association and purchase season tickets or single performance tickets. Music students can attend free of charge and experience something much more valuable than another night in front of the television.

The next concert in the series is Tuesday, January 16, 2001. You'll enjoy the vocal talents of "Three Hits and a Miss" three charming gentlemen and a dynamic lady.

If you'd like information about the 2000-2001 Tonto Community Concert Association Series, call Eloise Jones at 474-8141 or Gladys Bosler at 476-3637.

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