Local Doctor Invents Test That Checks Health Within


What does Rim Country resident Rob Greenberg have in common with the likes of 19th century scientists Louis Pasture, Antwan BeChamp and 1950s scientist Claude Bernard? They all have a passionate understanding of the principals of biological terrain assessment the science of determining how healthy and susceptible to disease people are.

Pasture theorized that all disease comes to us from outside the body. BeChamp, on the other hand, thought all disease develops within the body.

Nearly half a century later, Bernard's hydrological studies have led him to think that the environment inside the body determines the body's susceptibility to disease from outside the body.

Greenberg began researching that theory in the 1980s, and after 10 years, he developed a machine that he says can analyze saliva, urine and blood and tell you a lot about what's ailing you.

According to literature for his invention the BTAS-20000 more than 1,200 of the patented machines are in use in universities, clinics and research institutions world-wide.

Greenberg, who was born in Chicago, holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry, but also a naturopathic medical degree and a doctor of chiropractic degree.

"I started in private practice and at the end of the day I'd ask myself, 'Am I really helping sick people get well or just moving their symptoms," he said. "Biological terrain assessment can tell you if you are really getting better or if you're just feeling better."

His business blossomed and he now finds himself on the road giving lectures around the world more than 30 weeks a year.

"From Rio to the Black Forest and Mexico to Canada, I'm on the road a lot," he said.

His travels brought him through Payson a few years ago, "and we fell in love and moved here," he said.

He has since sold the manufacturing end of his business and now devotes much of his time to operating a research facility and providing nutritional consulting for the enzyme company T.E.C.

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