Community Family Needs Nurturing, Too


Last week, two people died in a house fire in Payson. Since I have lived here, my heart has become attached to the community in a way I never would have dreamed.

Tragedies such as these are no longer just stories in the newspaper or something that happened at a distance to someone else. They happen to all of us as a community family and it pulls down our hearts.

It doesn't matter if we don't know the victims personally, we still know who they are they are people who stand at the sidelines of a soccer game at Rumsey park and cheer for their child or grandchild. They're the people who wave at you when they let you pull out of a parking space.

They're the folks who came to your garage sale. They volunteer in your child's classroom or at the senior center. They sit near you during the Saturday concerts in the park. They share friendly conversation with you while standing in line at the grocery store. They are people like us who live here and try every day to scratch out a life worth living.

As the holiday season begins to fill our days with gifts to select, packages to send and events to attend, I hope we will not overlook the many good people we meet every day regardless of whether we know their names.

The loss of these two community members, John and Nancy Dixon, is a heartbreaking reminder that we share this part of the earth for only a short while. Isn't it worth doing our part no matter how small or simple to make it a pleasant stay.

Make a positive difference in someone's life this weekend. Take a moment to surprise a stranger with a friendly wave. As you walk past someone, smile and say hello in a way that makes them wonder if they should know you. When approaching a door, hurriedly run in front of someone and open it and wish them a good day as they pass. If someone makes you angry, whistle when the sharp words come to your lips, and then walk away.

If these seem hard to muster, perhaps you can try the best one of all that takes place quietly and without fanfare overlook an offense and forget about it. After all, we're just family.

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