Herron Got 'Right To The Point' On Veterans Memorial



Three cheers and hooray for Councilman Hoby Herron. His guest comments (Roundup, Nov. 14) referencing the Veterans War Memorial were right to the point. No taxpayer money for this project.

Originally planned as a community project we, the original committee planned on asking (local) businesses and citizens to assist in the building of this memorial. Several of the local veterans organizations provided the seed monies to give birth to this project. The American Legion was not among them. The only request the original committee asked of the town council was a small plot of land in Green Valley Park.

Since I took ill and turned over the plans to a new chairman, they have failed to request a 501 C3 nonprofit status from the IRS, thereby allowing contributors to deduct their contributions. Having discussed this with a few of our leading taxpayers, they feel this is not only illegal, but is (a) co-mingling of funds with the American Legion.

Jack Sheahan, commander, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Payson

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