Roundup Raises Newsstand Price


In 1986, a gallon of milk cost $1.39 and your Payson Roundup cost 35 cents.

Today, a gallon of milk costs $2.50 or more, and the Roundup still costs 35 cents.

That price range will continue for the paper's 12-month home-delivery subscribers. But starting Tuesday, the newsstand price will be raised to 50 cents.

"This is our first price increase in 14 years." said Roundup Publisher Richard Haddad. "The amount we pay for paper and ink alone has soared since 1986, and this new increase will help offset those costs."

In fact, the average price of newsprint, beginning in January 2001, will have increased 17 percent in one year alone from $525 to $615 per metric ton

The paper's last increase from 25 cents to 35 cents was in 1986 when gasoline was sold for about 80 cents per gallon.

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