Fisherman's Tale Doesn't Jibe With Fishing Report


I'm an avid fisherman, and I fish at Green Valley Park a lot with my friends. I have often looked at your fishing report and I find that it doesn't compare with what I catch. Throughout the summer I caught quite a few bass and crappie. While I compared this with your fishing report, I chuckled. It seems as though whoever wrote it was just thinking, "Hmm, I think I'll say there's trout there because I'm too busy to ask people what the fishing is like." Do a little research before you put the wrong information in your paper. You could and probably already have confused people who read your report. Thanks.

Matt Buffington, Payson

Editor's note: The fishing report in the Roundup is supplied by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, which contracts to stock the lakes at Green Valley Park. Complaints should be directed to game and fish public information officer Rory Aikens at (602) 942-3000.

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