Gore Should Have Demanded Clinton's Resignation


I didn't vote for Al Gore or his running mate Senator (Joe) Lieberman.

In my opinion, Vice President Al Gore should have written an open letter to President Clinton objecting to his using the presidency to openly carry out a sexual relationship with an intern.

He also should have told Clinton that if he didn't resign as president, he (would resign) as vice president.

Had Al taken such action, he might have had a much better chance of becoming our next president. Naturally, if Clinton felt any guilt in the Monica Lewinsky affair, he should have resigned. Such action would have saved the face of the Democratic Party. As it is, history cannot give either man a passable evaluation.

As for Senator Lieberman, who is calling the pot black? He claims he chastised the president for his sexual actions in the White House, then he made a complete turnabout in the Senate and chickened out by not voting for impeachment.

Do we want men running for the presidency and vice presidency who have (made such poor) judgments?

(On another note), I am not a Hillary Clinton fan, but I must come to her aid and support her view that we need to abolish our Electoral College system that selects our presidents.

Unfortunately, Hillary doesn't go far enough to suggest that our system of having presidents head up our government must also be abolished (in favor of a system that operates on a) corporate-type basis.

For the past 12 years, our nation has been run by lawyer-presidents (George Bush and Bill Clinton) and the next one also will be a lawyer if we ever resolve the mess. Nixon also was a lawyer. Between the three presidents mentioned, two were singled out for impeachment because of misconduct in office.

If our country is going morally down hill by leaps and bounds drugs, abortion, divorce, adultery, idolatry, child abuse, child murders, impeachment, you name it does that bode well for lawyers running our country and the system we are utilizing?

O.J. Keiper, Strawberry

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