Motorcyclists Have No Right To Harass Neighborhood


I don't have any choice but to respond to Todd Hamblen of Pine's Sept. 22 (letter), who came to the rescue of Michelle Worth, also of Pine, concerning the noise caused by motorcyclists in Star Valley.

People, you are missing the point. The issue here is not "don't ride motorcycles because they are noisy" but rather "don't ride motorcycles next door to residential areas because they are noisy, and you are disturbing the peace."

Motorcyclists and ATV (riders) have the right to ride their machines, I agree. Nonetheless, they don't have the right to harass a neighborhood and be a public nuisance. The forest is very big and has great places to ride, therefore, it is totally unnecessary to ride close to any residential area.

Mr. Hamblen may be an excellent driver who raced his stock car in the Valley, but not behind his neighbor's backyard. Ms. Worth, according to Mr. Hamblen, "is a very intelligent lady." Indeed she is: She brings her children to Star Valley to ride their motorcycles so that her neighbors in Pine are not disturbed.

I have owned a motorcycle myself, and I presently own an ATV. I enjoy riding my vehicle as much as Ms. Worth and Mr. Hamblen do, but I don't ride it close to any residential areas. I may pass close to homes on my way to wherever I'm going, however I don't go back and forth for hours at a time.

So what it all comes to is be good neighbors and respect the right to peace and quiet of others. Ride your motorcycles as much as you like, but be responsible and find an isolated place where you don't disturb others.

Victoria Borrell S., Star Valley

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