Water Rate Hike Not Nearly Enough


I see where our water rates are going up by $5 a month. I hesitate to say this, but I'm afraid it's not enough. To replace water mains will be an expensive project. I know very little about the operation of our water department, but I'm certain that they have their hands full doing whatever they do. A project this size will certainly require extra help.

This will probably mean additional supervisors, assistants, secretaries to do the work. These folks will have to have room for office furniture, equipment, a rest room, and a large conference room.

This project will require lots of studies the kind of pipe, the composition of the soil, the impact on traffic and on home owners when no water comes out of the faucet, and so on. Out of the $5 raise, (that will only leave) about 50 cents to do the work.

The replacing of old pipe will be expensive. To replace one foot of pipe requires a large dump truck, a backhoe, three supervisors to make sure the job is done correctly and one man with a shovel. Then there is the crew to fill in the hole, patch the pavement and take down the barricades.

(At that rate), I calculate the cost of replacing pipe at about a $1,000 a foot.

So, you see, the $5 raise will not be nearly enough. I think we all ought to go down to Town Hall and insist they raise our water rates at least $10 a month. What do you say?

Vernon Sanders , Payson

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