'We Need To Care More About Our Neighbors'


(Regarding) the (Sept. 19) story on the front page about the poor man who died and no one found him for awhile: I hope Young never grows so big that we don't care about our next-door neighbors. We have a lot of elderly folks over here, so if their mail isn't picked up, the postmaster will let someone know.

I formed a guardian angel deal here a few years back, in which each person agreed to call and check on an elderly neighbor. I still have one lady who calls a local gentleman every morning at 8. It was a good idea.

My aunt in Phoenix (met a similar fate) many years ago. She had a sister down the street who wasn't speaking to her, so this is my plea: Be aware of our elderly folks or anyone living alone. We need to care more about our neighbors.

Pete Sanders, Young

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