When In Doubt, 'Follow The Money'


The attacks on the Citizens Growth Management Initiative grow more frequent and more strident. People are predictably alarmed by accusations of "Draconian Measures," warnings of "Rampant Lawsuits," and predictions of "Economic Disaster." The inaccuracy of these buzzwords is easy enough to expose one-by-one, but there is an even simpler, more direct approach: Follow the money.

On one side are over 40 community based, environmentally concerned Arizona groups and businesses. Some of these include the League of Women Voters, the Arizona Public Health Association, Responsible Residents of Red Rocks, the Neighborhood Coalition of Greater Tucson, Grand Canyon Trust, League of Conservation Voters, Republicans for the Environment, Arizona's Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club, and Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest.

On the other side are Arizona Rock Products, the Arizona Association of Realtors and an array of builders and developers.

Now ask yourself, which of these groups really cares about my community? "Which of these groups cares about the Arizona my children will inherit? And, which of these two groups is mostly worried about making or losing money?"

With this information and these questions in mind, the polemics, hyperbole and outright lies do not require any response.

Bill Cherry, Flagstaff

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