Health Fair A Huge Gift To Payson Residents


Imagine for a moment that you were given a gift. The box was huge, brightly wrapped and had a simple bow on top. By the size, you could imagine that it must be filled with many great things. Wouldn't it be a mistake to never unwrap such a gift and find out what you were given?

This might be the case for the second annual Payson Lions' Health Fair. It, too, is a huge gift that is being provided to the residents of the Rim communities. Would you be making a mistake if you did not attend the health fair and later realized that you missed all of the free tests and healthful information?

Rejoice it is not too late. The health fair will occur Oct. 14. It will be held in the old gym of Payson High School. It begins at 7 a.m. and runs until noon. Everyone (18 years and older) is invited.

The focus of the health fair is to screen for problems and answer concerns. That will be accomplished by providing hearing, vision and blood pressure tests, breast exam and dental screening, as well as bone density evaluations. In addition, there will be screening for podiatry, diabetes, skin, spine, dermatology nutrition and weight concerns.

For $10, men and women can have a complete metabolic profile performed (this includes cholesterol and glucose testing). Men can have a PSA test done, as well, for an additional $4. Flu shots will be available for $5.

Adults often have requests for more than just medical or technical information. To address those needs, there will be dozens of community organizations, free referral services and support groups. They will be giving out information and answering individualized questions.

There will be an area where attendees can ask personal questions about a specific medical concern. Another booth will have pharmacy personnel who will share information on drug interactions and accept out-of-date medications for proper disposal.

Barrels will be provided for community donations. The Lions will be collecting old glasses (most everyone has a few pairs of glasses stuck in desks, old purses or sock drawers) and used hearing aides. There will also be many barrels for nonperishable food donations, which will be given to the St. Philip's Food Bank.

To register or for more information, please call 474-7621, between noon and 5 p.m. (Monday through Friday). At any other time, you may leave a message.

The second annual Payson Lions' Health Fair is presented by the Payson Lions' Club, Mogollon Health Alliance and Payson Regional Medical Center. Without the hard work of the steering committee and the dedicated effort of so many volunteers who will work at the booths, nothing would have occurred. Please come to the health fair ... and enjoy your gift!

Robert Ware, Payson

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