New Treatment Means Less Pain For Patients


Oct. 3, 2000 a Payson dentist, announced that he is now providing his patients with dental treatments free from the shrill of the high speed drill and the fear of needles for anesthesia with a revolutionary new technology called Millennium Hydrokinetic YSGG laser system.

This technology allows Dr. Charles Beier and other dentists around the world to perform all classes of cavity preparations without using any needles, anesthesia or the highspeed drill in most cases. Dr. Beier is the first dentist in the Payson area to implement Hydrokinetic technology into his practice.

The Biolase Millennium uses a unique crystal made from yttrium, scandium, gallium and garnet that is "doped" (laser lingo which means "mixed with") with erbium and chromium to create laser energy of a clinically superior wavelength of 2,780 nanometers. When combined with water, this wavelength produces Hydrokinetic energy with important 21st Century benefits for both the dentist and their patients that include:

Most procedures can be done without anesthesia, without needles or patient trauma;

Quickly cuts all parts of the tooth including enamel, dentin and caries;

Effectively performs numerous soft tissue procedures with little or no bleeding;

Avoids many common problems of the high speed drill. For example, when a high speed comes in contact with a tooth, it causes micro fissures (small cracks) which weaken the tooth structure and eventually allow decay to set in;

Does not leave a smear layer, which allows the Millennium to create a high quality surface for bonding composites, veneers, etc.

Dr. Beier's practice is located at 414 S. Beeline, Suite 5. For appointments, call 472-9303.

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