No, Payson Is Not Under Attack By Hungry, Ill-Tempered Aliens.


No, Payson is not under attack by hungry, ill-tempered aliens.

That was a weather balloon that floated over town yesterday morning.

But not just any weather balloon.

"It was launched outside of Palestine, Texas about a week ago," said meteorological technician Jerry McMullen of the National Weather Service in Flagstaff.

"It was a Goddard Space Flight Facility launch of a NASA scientific balloon effort," he said. "It's doing readings of cosmic rays and all those good things."

All those good things, McMullen explained, include taking measurements of air pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed and direction.

But if it were some sort of vehicle from outer space operated by hungry, ill-tempered aliens, McMullen would tell us, right?

"Absolutely," he said. "We keep very close track of those."

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