Armer The Right Man For The Job


I am writing to strongly urge voters in Gila County to elect John Armer to be the next Gila County Sheriff. Mr. Armer has all the qualifications and personal attributes necessary to hold this important public safety position in Gila County.

John Armer is one of the most respected law enforcement administrators in Arizona. I can make that statement from John Armer's reputation in Maricopa County and from having served in the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police with him for several years.

In 1995, as DPS Director, I was asked to chair a selection committee to screen applicants for the position of Chief of Police for the City of Globe, and to make a recommendation for selection to the city council. The other two members were the executive directors of the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police and the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board. At the end of the process, all three ranked John Armer the strongest candidate for the position, and the recommendation to the Globe City Council was unanimous. One factor we considered was a strong recommendation from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The next Gila County Sheriff faces a difficult task in trying to meet the county's demands for county law enforcement, incarceration needs and mandated civil services on a restrictive department budget. That task requires considerable knowledge, skill and administrative experience. Modern law enforcement executives must have current training and experience in several administrative and management disciplines. Knowledge of current laws (civil and criminal), criminal justice trends, law enforcement technology, personnel administration and sophisticated budget processes are imperative to lead a 21st century criminal justice agency. The ability to lead and communicate effectively with the agency's personnel and the public are just as important.

John Armer had the skills, experience and willingness to serve when he was recommended to the Globe City Council. As Chief of Police in Globe, he has enhanced his experience and is well qualified to be the next Gila County Sheriff. It is time to elect a trained, competent law enforcement professional in Gila County in 2000.

Joe Albo, Phoenix

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