Proposition 202 Protects Interest Of Trial Attorneys


Would you support a proposition if you knew it would cause a flood of lawsuits against private landowners and others here in Arizona by any person or any group from anywhere?

That's what would happen if the Sierra Club and other backers of Prop. 202 get their way. do we really want more of our precious time and resources spent in our already jammed court system?

When I was younger, I used to think the Sierra Club was a pretty reasonable group, dedicated to protecting the environment. Now, it appears they're dedicated only to protecting their interests and the interest of trial attorneys. And while I'm certain there are still reasonable and thoughtful members, there is no doubt the club has evolved into a prohibitionist organization more interested in confrontation than cooperation. For crying out loud, this is the same group that wants to drain Lake Powell and allow zero harvesting of timber in our national forests!

We need fewer lawsuits and more dialogue. We need people sitting around the table (with the Sierra Club included and listening) solving problems. The problem is the Sierra Club is not interested in compromise it's their way or the highway. That's not the way to solve problems, especially when talking about growth.

Citizens of Arizona, please let the Sierra Club and its allies know that we reject their brand of confrontation and extremism by voting against Proposition 202. We want consensus and cooperation, not more lawsuits.

Chris Udall, Mesa

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