Proposition 202: Too Much, Too Long, Too Confusing


As co-chairs for Arizonans for Responsible Planning, we represent a broad coalition of Arizonans that promote continued growth management reforms that enhance quality of life issues. However, we are particularly concerned with the Sierra Club's effort to experiment on Arizona.

Proposition 202 was written by lawyers who work for groups like the Sierra Club. This proposal, which never received a public hearing, contains over 22,000 words and has over 600 paragraphs. No growth management plan anywhere in the world comes close to reflecting the experiment that the Sierra Club wants to test here in Arizona.

Prop. 202 supporters say that it will allow local control over the planning and growth management process. In fact, one of Prop. 202's provisions permits any person to sue to enforce any provisions of the initiative in an Arizona court. That is not local control; that is a blatant attempt to control our futures through special interest lawsuits.

Prop. 202 offers a twisted vision for our state, one that is inconsistent with the way we actually choose to live. The consequences of Prop. 202 are erroneous; it would have us living in high rises and crowded neighborhoods. It would send unwanted types of businesses into neighborhoods that are already suffering. It would cause East Coast-style gridlock on our streets and highways.

Finally, the Governor and the Legislature have dramatically amended existing growth management laws through Growing Smarter and Growing Smarter Plus. Prop. 202 ignores all of the good work they have performed and lays an additional, untested layer of bureaucracy on top of their work.

Proposition 202 is too much, it is too long, too confusing and too experimental. We hope that Arizona voters will refuse to become the Sierra Club's subjects and vote no on Proposition 202.

Phyllis J. McCall, Snowflake

Lewis Tenney, Heber

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