Ru-486 Abortion Pill: Another Axe Swinging At The Roots Of Virtue


by Richard Haddad, Roundup publisher

When the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the RU-486 abortion pill, they reduced the worth of a child's soul to the level of a common headache for which a woman need only take a pill to make it go away.

I believe abortion in any form is the taking of a precious life, and RU-486 will disguise the killing more than ever.

But our society's disregard for life starts much earlier than when a doctor, or a pill, executes an abortion.

It starts when we fail to teach our youth what we already know in our hearts is the right way to live and conduct our sexual relations.

Countless faithful marriages are testimony to what we ought to be teaching and practicing adults and young people alike should cherish their virtue and abstain from sexual relations until they find the companion with whom they want to marry and raise a family.

And while this may sound old-fashioned and out-dated, the love of a husband and wife who welcome a precious child into the world will never go out of style.

Fortunately, no matter what our age or experience, it's never too late to start holding sacred our God-given power of procreation.

So perhaps this is more of a prayer than an editorial ... that our young people will see through the false truths and excuses offered by modern medicine.

While we all have choices, our choices have consequences. RU-486 erases the potential consequences in a young person's mind and makes it too easy to engage in a physical act for which they may not be emotionally ready.

Let us encourage them to stand above the world and place the value of virtue and life back where it belongs at the top of our hearts.

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