Don't Wait To Make 'Credit For Kids' Contributions


The Arizona State Income Tax Credit for contributions to public schools allows individuals to pay up to $200 of their Arizona State Income Tax directly to public schools. However, it must be paid prior to Dec. 31 of the year that it is to be claimed.

I believe that the general public is not (aware) of this, though, because (people) don't give much thought to taxes until after the end of the year. As tax time approaches, they start to plan for the April 15 deadline.

In the past, I have noticed that the "Credit for Kids" tax credit has been given good publicity the last few weeks of the year. I submit that this is very poor timing because of competition with "holiday" expenses.

Also, many people have "established" tax withholdings which are difficult to change at the end of the year, and individuals who pay on a quarterly basis will file after the Dec. 31 deadline.

The purpose of this letter is to suggest that newspapers, radio stations, tax preparation consultants, financial planners, etc. make an effort to make the public conscious of this law when they are establishing their tax withholdings or payments.

I think it would be great if everyone in Payson who has to pay Arizona State income tax, paid the first $200 to Payson Public Schools, don't you?

I believe if we want better students with better grades and test scores, if we want less delinquency and more school activities, if you want less gangs and more teams, we must support our schools and the extra-curricular activities which "Credit for Kids" will provide.

I also believe that if the people of Payson are given the options of paying some of their taxes to Payson Public Schools rather than paying it to Phoenix, they will choose Payson.

Doil Storie, Payson

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