Finney's Loss Reflects Badly On Payson


I was saddened that Ruth Brown saw fit to deride Ruby Finney, to gloat that Finney did not win a seat on the Town Council and to indicate that she and some other seniors are proud that they helped assure that our local growth-at-any-cost gang would be secure in its control of our town government.

I do not think that Finney's election loss reflected badly on her. Rather, I do not think it reflected well on those Payson voters who allowed themselves to be seduced by the siren song of a group of people whose overriding concern, in my opinion, is with maximum personal financial enrichment and/or career enhancement in the shortest possible time.

Do those people care one iota about enhancing or even preserving the quality of life for members of Payson's retiree community?

As ABC's John Stossel would put it: "Give me a break!"

Otis Trimble, Payson

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