Prop. 203 Should Be Decided By Arizonans


There is an inordinate number of initiatives on this year's ballot, ranging from growth issues to legislative pay raises.

Nov. 7, Gila County voters will be asked to help decide the fate of the propositions they feel will best enhance their lives in rural Arizona.

The one proposition Gila County voters will not be asked for their input on, however, is also one that will have the largest impact on sports fans statewide.

Proposition 203 the "Stadium Initiative" will decide whether the Arizona Cardinals have earned the right to play in their own stadium.

Proponents of the initiative say 48 percent of the funding for a new stadium would come from tourism dollars from a 1-percent bed-tax increase levied on Maricopa County hotels, and a slight increase on rental car fees. The remainder of the funding would come from the Cardinals' franchise and the Fiesta Bowl (29 percent), and from taxes from the stadium itself (23 percent).

This initiative is being decided for us football fans around the state by Maricopa County voters only ... those same Maricopa County voters who felt betrayed when the Bank One Ballpark deal was approved.

We, the football fans who have had the good sense to move away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, are being left out of the loop when it comes to deciding the fate of our NFL team.

Isn't it ironic that only a few years ago, a media blitz was made about changing the name of the team from the Phoenix Cardinals to the Arizona Cardinals. After all, the team belonged to the entire state, not just the great State of Maricopa.

It's time for rural Arizona to stand up and exert some pressure.

We strongly recommend that fans in every corner of the state call their friends and family in Maricopa County, and ask them to support the initiative that will give our Arizona Cardinals a home of their own.

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