Statistics Sound Like 'Junk Science'


On page 5B of the Oct. 10 issue of the Roundup, the box accompanying the article concerning domestic violence cited the following unsupported and unsourced statistic:

"A 1993 study revealed... that, in households where a handgun was kept in the home, family members or acquaintances were 43 times more likely than intruders to be killed by that handgun."

What 1993 study? By whom was it done, and under what conditions? Who funded it? Have there been any subsequent studies done which disprove this mysterious, uncited study?

This allegation sounds suspiciously like the kind of junk science spewed by anti-Bill of Rights organizations such as Handgun Control, Inc. and the Commie Mommies (aka Million Mom Marchers) in conjunction with such scholarly luminaries as Rosie O'Donnell, who huffed and puffed "Own a gun, go to jail!" on her TV show and then proceeded to have her bodyguard file for a concealed carry permit in Connecticut because she was worried that people might try to harm her or her children. Does that mean dear Rosie's home is now 43 times more likely to have a family member killed in it than an intruder?

Someone should alert the... ahem... "lady" of this dire danger to her family from her armed bodyguard.

Please provide us with the cite, source and the specific study which "proves" this "43 times more likely" allegation.

Sincerely, Tina Terry

(Editor's note: The 1993 study mentioned in the article was published in the New England Journal of Family Medicine and was presented in the booklet "Every Home A Safe Home," a joint project of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Soroptimists International of the Americas.)

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