New Councils Begin Terms At Local Elementary Schools


Big plans are unfolding at each of Payson's three elementary schools as their newly elected student councils begin laying out ambitious agendas for the remainder of the school year.

At Frontier Elementary, the early legislative focus is on Halloween, with a schoolwide pumpkin carving contest scheduled for Monday, Oct. 30.

According to newly elected president Jessi Davis, a fifth grader, prizes will be awarded for categories like scariest, funniest and best-painted pumpkins.

Trevor Day, a fifth grader who was elected treasurer at Frontier, said all students are encouraged to bring their carved pumpkins to school on Monday, and that prizes will consist of something he mysteriously referred to as "surprise bags."

Other fund-raising projects on the horizon for the Frontier council include a bake sale, a candy cane sale, and a cookie dough sale.

Rounding out the new slate of officers at FES are fourth-grader Jessica Slapnicka, vice president, and fifth grader Sara DeWitt, treasurer.

Meanwhile, over at Julia Randall Elementary, the newly elected student council is excited as in talking all at once about using some of its existing funds to purchase more Accelerated Reading tests. While president Jim Paul Beall, a fifth grader, couldn't provide an official definition of an AR test, it has something to do with not having to write so many book reports, which makes their enthusiasm well founded.

Officers elected along with Beall include fourth-grader Nicolas Creighton, vice president; fifth-grader James Vandruff, secretary; and fourth-grader Nicole Goebel, treasurer.

Across town at Payson Elementary, newly elected president Jordan Boll, a fifth grader, says the new council has just held its first meeting and hasn't yet firmed up any plans for the school year. However, competitions and spirit week will be high on the council's agenda, and a Halloween activity will certainly be finalized in the very near future.

Officers elected to the council along with Boll include fifth-grader Jennifer Sandoval, vice president; fifth-grader Breanne Standifird, secretary; and fifth-grader Tanner Golliglee, treasurer.

While the PES council is off to a later start than the other two schools, their enthusiasm in posing for pictures especially once the teacher who reminded them to be serious because they were representing the school left the room suggests that it won't be long before we'll be seeing a virtual flurry of activity.

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