Pay Attention To The 'Fuzzy Things'


Release of American Petroleum to the so called open market. Patients rights issue. Legislation for prescriptions

and better health care. All of the above to yield political dividends for Vice President Al Gore. Most politicians can tell a lie with such outrageous sincerity, one must wonder how these guys can sleep at night.

Every day, over three million Americans seek medical care for some sickness, for injury and serious problems and their attempts are most likely to be frustrating. Each year at least 33,000 babies die unnecessarily before their first birthday. Over 50,000 workers are killed and as many as 25 million are injured on the job. An American male's life expectancy ranks below that of 17 other nations. Despite its number-one economic ranking, the United States finishes back in the pack when it comes to health care.

Economic statistics also reveal that Americans pay more for health care than citizens in any other nation.

I can continue however I am limited for space; for the past eight years and perhaps more, we have built great hospitals all over the country and with lots of beds. This system has failed because young Americans had to go to third-world countries for medical training (too costly here in America) and we have no doctors to fill these hospitals, only a small few came back to work in America. We got brain-drained by the third-world countries in exchange for computer smart immigrants from other nations, we could pay them less and get away with it.

Our VA hospitals for veterans, we now pay for prescriptions, more will come out from your Social Security this following year, our Fuzzy friend got this one passed under cover or coating for special Congress folks, I think it was under their pay hike. Our people should read our newspapers every day to keep abreast of all these fuzzy things that are going on in or own back yard.

Lawrence D. Okendo, Payson

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