Public Funds Belong To The People


Congratulations to Jon Kyl and the other fiscally conservative Senators, for paring the obscene $45 billion CARA pork barrel back to the somewhat less obscene 8 billion that it apparently finished at. You all did yes-man work to keep this pilferage of the American taxpayer from getting completely out of hand. Thanks.

The really troubling part of the whole episode is the antics of the fair-weather conservatives, such as senators Bott and DeWine, who apparently cannot resist the odor of pork.

I would hope that Senator McCain and CAG would publicize the more egregious examples of pork that were proposed in the original CARA legislation. As many people as possible should be informed as to how their representatives were proposing to spend their hard earned money. I think that if enough people become informed as to what certain representatives planned to do with their money we might get some new representatives in Washington.

God only knows we need more of them who recognize that the public funds really belong to the people who pay the taxes. Once the money gets to Washington it does not belong to the legislators to use to buy votes with, as senators Bott and DeWine seem to believe.

I would think that such antics should at least cause the Republicans to review their leadership arrangements, when you reorganize next year.

Dan Adams, Payson

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