Reader Missed The Point Of Gun Statistics


Re: Letter from Tina Terry disputing gun statistics in domestic violence.

In response to Tina Terry's letter disputing statistics relating to guns in domestic violence, I think it is a shame she missed the point. If a gun is present in a household where domestic violence is an issue, it is highly possible that gun will be used in an improper manner.

Abusers and batterers have severe problems with power and control. Guns give people, especially those who have problems, feelings of power and control. In a household without domestic violence, with proper storage of guns and ammunition, where the residents have been taught gun safety - errors with guns would be much less.

As I am sure Terry is aware, every day there are serious accidents with guns unrelated to domestic violence, just as there are many where DV is a problem. In our society, the gun is the ultimate weapon. In many states, when an alleged perpetrator of domestic violence is arrested, his or her guns are confiscated by the police until the issue is resolved.

Last year, I overheard an argument between someone whose guns had been removed as a result of a DV complaint and a police officer who was trying to explain. One of the comments the gun owner made was, "I would never shoot my wife; my guns are too important to me."

Interesting and perhaps true, but a sad commentary on the importance of human life versus the gun.

Sincerely yours,

Jean Oliver, Payson

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