Test Your Skills At Queendom.Com



Is a "queendom" a play on words, the same as a kingdom, or something entirely different? Whatever the case, it's a memorable name for a Web site.

At www.queendom.com, we can find 193 tests on everything from mind-stretching games, puzzles, and trivia to emotional and verbal intelligence tests and screenings for depression. Since the site also has articles and surveys concerning topics about sex, parents should make decisions regarding a child's access to it.

The site also has a privacy disclosure that is important to read to assess whether we are comfortable with our responses being aggregated with other responses, without personal identification, for ongoing research.

I first took the introvert-extrovert test because I already know that I'm an introvert. It allowed me to unscientifically assess the test's reliability. On a scale of zero to 100, with 100 correlating with extreme extroversion, I scored a 25, squarely in the middle of introversion.

Next I took the test for depression, knowing that I am not currently depressed. On a scale of zero to 100, with 100 being extremely depressed, I scored a 14, not even close to being depressed.

Then I tried the assertiveness test because in the past I've had long periods when I was a total doormat. In the range from zero to 100 with 100 being extremely assertive, I scored a 50. The scoring of the test is immediate and is accompanied by a description of the quality being tested and what the score indicates. My scores fit what I have spent 58 years learning about myself. So, for me, the tests were accurate.

Next I decided to exercise my brain. I tested my Hollywood Trivia knowledge and did surprisingly well with eight out of 10 correct answers and then sent that quiz as an e-greeting with the message, "Advanced age is a plus for this test."

In the Mind Stretching section I tried the Nursery Rhyme Unscrambler, and found it more than equal to stretch my mental abilities. The words of a nursery rhyme are presented in correct order, but the word's letters are scrambled. After you unscramble the words you must pick from the choices a word that fits in the rest of the nursery rhyme. I scored nine correct out of 10 for the un-timed test.

On the Shakespeare Trivia, I scored eight out of 10 correct, and I don't consider myself an expert. If you have trouble with multiple-choice tests, these quizzes will give you practice at educated guessing.

In the Jigsaw Palace, we can find puzzles for children and other puzzles including those in the categories of architecture and paintings by Salvatore Dali. The animal puzzles and the Halloween puzzle would be good games to play with the children in our lives, giving us all a spatial workout.

The site includes 12 types of intelligence assessment; 51 IQ workouts; 11 relationship/love tests including a Commitment Readiness Test and a quiz on arguing; 12 personality tests including an Optimism/Pessimism Test and a Type A Personality Test for Teens and one for adults; nine career tests, including a Coping Skills Test and a Burnout Test; a Sex Personality Test and nine trivia tests on sex; 17 health quizzes, including an Eating Disorders and Emotional Eating test; and trivia tests in the categories of Entertainment, Animals, Science, Geography, History, Society and Culture, People, and Arts and Humanities.

In the Test Junkie area are links to other testing sites on the Internet, such as the College Admissions Test. Adults can find entertainment and information about themselves and others at this site.

If parents choose to surf this site with their children, they'll find many fun, educational games and puzzles.

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