Candidate For Sheriff 'A Proven Leader'



I have known and worked with John Armer, a candidate for Gila County sheriff, for the past four years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to sit with John and talk about and share philosophical ideas about law enforcement. These subjects included, how to bring a law-enforcement agency into harmony within itself and how to communicate this attitude throughout the community, and how to bring that law enforcement agency together with the community as partners in solving problems.

In this new century, law-enforcement agencies, officers, and community members must work in partnership with each other, and they must understand the needs and challenges each confront to bring about fair and just law enforcement to a community. John Armer understands this philosophy.

John Armer understands that it is imperative that the leader of a progressive and community- minded law-enforcement organization must possess proven skills and abilities to execute the leadership necessary to instill professionalism and competence in his officers and the trust and faith of the community. John Armer possesses these skills and will execute the office of sheriff with professionalism and competence.

John Armer is a proven leader.

In my opinion, John Armer is the only qualified candidate for the office of sheriff of Gila County.

Steve Craig, Payson

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