'Common Sense Need Not Apply' At Forest Service



I could not resist the need to comment about the recent article in the Payson Roundup regarding the controversy of off-road vehicle use on U.S. Forest Service land in Star Valley. Doesn't it seem ironic the Forest Service recently evicted two people from the Rim-area forest. These two harmless and homeless people were removed from Forest Service land for altering, albeit, beautifying, the land and for squatting. But in Star Valley, we can have countless "weekend warriors" actually damaging the land, scaring it with tire ruts, trash and debris. These rude people can disturb the community's peace and that's OK. And all we hear from the local and federal government is rhetoric. I'd like to offer my ATV to the mom and son who were recently evicted. It appears they would have more rights if they were destructive users of the forest. Common sense need not apply in these agencies.

Art Hidde, Phoenix

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