Hand Gun Waiting Period Helps Weed Out 'Bad Guys'


I would suggest Ms. Terry expand her reading list, as it is essential to self-education and a greater understanding of the world. She could obtain publications pertaining to domestic violence and the various laws from libraries, on-line, the FBI, police organizations and Time Out, as well as the Payson Roundup, Time, Newsweek and a great many other magazines, and publications with informative and insightful articles, not just guns and ammo, etc.

Personally I am very happy she survived a short-lived violent marriage. Even during the '60s and '70s, as now, the murder rate in domestic violence cases averages 5,000 per year. As many women died in 10 years as men died in Vietnam in the same amount of time.

The law she apparently refers to is not an anti-gun law, it is a pro-safety law, and what is wrong with that idea? Makes sense to me, and to a great many lawmakers if you cannot control yourself or your fists, why should you be allowed to control a gun? Out of control is out of control! Would she be alive today if his fists were no longer enough?

The laws of England and what is left of the Empire haven't allowed guns since before World War II. Farmers could have possession of rifles for killing the vermin, and gun collectors could have handguns and rifles. At one point, a police officer was killed by a bad guy with a gun. The British underworld did its best to bring the perpetrator to trial. Even the "bad guys" appreciated not being in a police shootout. Now, more and more guns are showing up in the United Kingdom and more and more civilians and police officers are being killed but, heck, at least more guns are getting through. To obtain this type of information, Ms. Terry will have to read and not rely on the television anti-gun law programs for all information.

You see, as a "Commie Mommie" [quaint, but very outdated,] I have made myself aware of both sides of the issue. I also own guns. They are unloaded, trigger locked and under lock and key. Our grandchildren have absolutely no idea there is a gun or rifle in the house, but they have been taught to respect firearms.

As a law-abiding citizen, I am not afraid of the prospect of having to wait 15 days to take possession of a gun. I am not afraid of a year-(long) wait if it will keep firearms out the hands of those who should not own them. Why does it bother anyone?

As an American, as a human being just call me woman, wife, mother.

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