Make A Difference Vote


It truly saddens me that there is such a lack of voting occurring in the United States, and more locally, in Arizona. Thus, before elections begin I want to invite Arizonans to participate in our democratic process.

I am asking young and old, Democrat and Republican, people from all levels of social stratification to value your right to vote.

Educate yourself about the issues and propositions, participate in signing petitions and town hall meetings, and the paramount civil duty voting.

Let us not neglect our opportunity to be legitimate actors in our democratic process.

A common argument that people use to justify not voting is that the system is faulty. Well, I challenge you to work with the system to change the system.

I also dare you to use innovative thinking and behavior that attracts others like yourself who believe in another way to run America's government, to actively participate in our democratic system.

For example, look at the current rise in popular third-party activity such as, but not limited to, the Reform Party and the Green Party. Soon, we may see more muti-party characteristics in our governmental system.

Better yet, the issues that some argue are now being pushed aside by our two-party system may more readily be addressed by those in the legislature, judicial and executive branches of government. The issues will be addressed because they see that a new wave of strong persistent voters demanding attention and resolution for the issues they find most important.

However, without your political actions, the issues may never be resolved to your liking.

One should also know that those of us who are not voting cannot complain; those that represent the nonvoters and voters alike are primarily concerned about and acting on behalf of those who participate because the voters are their true constituents.

So, until you vote, do not complain about not getting benefits such as tax cuts, job opportunities, medical subsidies or education assistance.

With that said, remember that we live in America where the opportunity to engage in our political system exists and democracy is functioning. In addition to that, keep in mind that there is always room for improvement when it comes to our governmental system.

So, turn in your early ballots and go to the polls make a difference if for no one else but yourself and those you care about.

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