Please Don't Feed The Javelina



Dear citizens of Payson: I implore your help in what is becoming a dangerous situation. People are feeding the javelina corn cobs and scraps, thus, they are not going back into the forest when they can be fed in town.

Last week, we saw 15 large ones going across Payson Parkway into Rumsey Park. There are little kids playing there. Also, 28 of them were seen in North Payson and some tore down the fence of friends of ours and destroyed their garden. Tuesday at 8:45 a.m., we opened our back door to find three very large javelina (150 pounds or more) standing at our back step. When we yelled at them they moved about three feet and just stared back at us. They finally moved on to our neighbors and onto the next neighbor.

If you have dogs tied in an unfenced yard or worse, small children playing outside in an unfenced yard, please, I beg you, do not leave them unattended. These animals are not domesticated and are not to be trusted. I have heard they only eat certain things. This is not true when they are so hungry, as they ate our roses, thorns and all and everything else they could dig up including garlic and onion.

Feel sorry for them, if you wish, because of their hunger, but please do not contribute to feeding them.

Ruth and Dave Wallace, Payson

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