P-S Drama Stages Night Of Mystery


The Pine Cultural Hall will be embroiled in mayhem, mystery and intrigue at 6:30 p.m. Thursday when the Pine-Strawberry junior high drama class takes center stage for Mystery Night.

Billed as a night of robbery and murder that begs the question, "Who dun it," Mystery Night is the first of three productions scheduled for the school year.

Directed by drama instructor Daria Mason, Mystery Night will showcase the talents and teamwork of 18 of the school's aspiring actors. The group has spent the past nine weeks preparing for opening night so they will shine when the curtain goes up.

Behind-the-curtain, sources say this tiny playhouse could launch a career or two. Three talented performers, eighth-graders Seth Draper and Willa Frazer and seventh-grader Monique Bouvier deliver their lines well and play to the audience, they say.

The show includes three mini-plays. The night begins with "The Case of the Punjabi Ruby." The large, red stone brings out the best in some and the worst in others.

"I Want To Report a Murder" is the night's second whodunit, followed by "Murder on the Orient Avenue Subway."

Local costume shops and the Senior Thrift Center provided the costumes.

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