Experience Makes County Attorney Candidate Right For Job


For a fair, efficient, professional administration of the county attorney's office of Gila County, elect Jim Hazel. He has pledged that he will be a full-time county attorney.

With a population of 50,000 and a full-time salary for the county attorney, Gila County needs and deserves a full-time county attorney. Jerry DeRose, the current county attorney and a candidate for re-election, spent a substantial amount of his time as county attorney working as a police officer. That is not a duty of the county attorney.

Jim Hazel will save Gila County money by utilizing plea bargaining when he can obtain the same results as a trial without having a trial. With his experience and judgment he can project the results of a trial generally when he has researched the law, reviewed depositions and transcripts of the witnesses testimony and analyzed that material in the light of other case decisions involving similar facts and the same legal issues. If all criminal cases were tried, a lot more lawyers, judges, courtrooms and witnesses would be required. Without additional substantial expenditures for that purpose, the justice system would be overwhelmed.

Jim Hazel will save Gila County money by handling civil matters involving Gila County with a civil Deputy County Attorney rather than by contracting such work to large city law firms. Large law firms have high billing rates to compensate their highly paid attorneys. Such firms sometimes do more work than the value of the case justifies. Costs can be better controlled by doing this work generally on an in-house basis.

Jim Hazel's competence to carry out his platform is indicated by his diversity of experience as a criminal prosecutor, city judge and as a contract defense attorney.

His certification as a criminal law specialist by the Board of Legal Specialization is another indication of his competence in the criminal law field. He is the only one in Gila County to have that certification. In order to obtain it, he had to demonstrate that his experience in criminal law was appropriate in length and complexity. This was done by testing his knowledge and judgment in criminal law and by a peer review.

For competent law enforcement, effective legal representation and to substantially reduce the rash of embezzlement and other misuses of county property that has recently become apparent, vote for Art Stone for Sheriff and Jim Hazel for County Attorney.

Jim Winter, Payson

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