Internet Gives You All You Need For Movie Research



First-run movies arrive in Payson in November. The Internet allows us to enjoy movie details even before and after our theater experience.

"Charlie's Angels" is one of the movies scheduled next weekend. At the Internet Movie Database (, we can see a list of the entire cast, all of the writers, the producers, and the production crew.

For instance, Drew Barrymore not only stars in the movie, but also is the first-named producer. We can read reviews by people who were in a test audience, such as the one by Syllk who said, "...if I had more thumbs, they too would be pointing enthusiastically skyward." A media review by Andrew Manning of Radio Free Entertainment ( recommends the movie as an, "unexpectedly entertaining blend of comedy and action...."

The Internet Movie Data Base describes itself like this: "The core of our site is our search capabilities. We catalog all sorts of information on over 200,000 movie and TV titles, plus even more on over 400,000 actors and actresses, nearly 40,000 directors and hundreds of thousands of other people who help make magic on the big and small screens. Then we take all that information, organize it into a cool structure, and make it possible for you to easily search and browse through it... FOR FREE."

The site also contains links to merchandise such as posters, soundtracks, books, and auctions; plot summaries; memorable quotes; goofs; trivia; sound and video clips; photographs; showtimes and opening dates.

Other sections of the site have news and reviews of independent films including dates and locations of upcoming film festivals; interviews; articles; Shop Talk; message boards; and movie showtimes on television.

A Fun and Games section has reviews by the celebrity thugs, Cecil and Stubby; trivia games for cash prizes; entertainment crossword puzzles; top quotes; top goofs; obscure film roles of famous actors; random title and random quote features; and a nationality ties feature.

A Crazy Credits section shows offbeat credits, such as a brownie topping and "knobby buns" credited in the movie "Hot Shots." For "Almost Famous" it says, "At the end of the movie, one can hear a record changer playing the outgoing groove of a record, the needle lifting, and the player shutting off."

In the Filming Business section, we can find filming locations, technical information, and movies currently in production.

At the Movie Review Query Engine (, we can search for films by title, or check out the recent and upcoming releases in the U.S., the top 10 movies at the U.S. box office, the video releases in the U.S. for the current and the previous months, the most popular movies from the last week to the last three hours, the American Film Institute's 100 greatest and 100 funniest movies, and the most reviewed titles. We can also read articles about the movies shown at the Cannes Film Festival 2000, the 2000 Academy Award films, the Shooting Gallery Film Series, and articles on the contributions of Stanley Kubrick and Gene Siskel to the film industry.

If we can't find all we ever wanted to know at those three sites, we can check out alternative reviews at, and, although the Weekly Wire site is currently under re-construction.

With all this insider information, we can enjoy movies more than ever before.

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