Arizona Democrats Can Turn The Tide


Gila County's Democrats have it within our grasp to make the kind of historical difference that has kept us on the map since the very beginnings of the State of Arizona. Out of Arizona's 15 counties, only three have Republican majorities: Maricopa, Yavapai and Mojave. The rest are Democratic territory. In truth, there are only about 100,000 more Republicans in our state than Democrats. Arizona has just over 2 million voters 45 percent are Republicans, 40 percent Democrats and 15 percent are Independent.

According to the latest on-line data from the Secretary of State, Republicans only out-number Democrats in Congressional District 6 by about 8,000. But the difference between the Democratic majority (in the bulk of the state's counties) is more than made up in Maricopa county where registered GOP voters out-number Democrats by some 69,000. Clearly, the "State of Maricopa" is why (Congressman) J.D. (Haywood) continues to win elections.

But, there is no excuse for Republicans to win in Arizona Legislative District 4. The Republican majority in the Arizona House has hurt rural people with unfair and inequitable legislation over the last two decades. It's time rural Democrats took back control. Brimhall won re-election last time only because Navajo County Republicans out-voted Gila County Democrats by a piddly 2,850 ballots. Democrats out-number Republicans by more than 11,000 in the seven District 4 counties. Gila County accounts for more than 6,000 of that number. In other words, Gila County Democrats can control the District 4 House just by turning out to vote.

As the vice-chairman of the Gila County Democratic Party, I want to encourage every Democrat who has not voted by early ballot, to make the time Tuesday, Nov. 7 to go to the polls. Please exercise the unique American right that people in other places of the world will kill for.

Ted Thayer, vice chairman, Gila County Democratic Party

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