Characterizing Council As 'Growth-At-Any-Cost' Is Unfair


One must take umbrage to a portion of the comments expressed by Otis Trimble (Oct. 13) in the Roundup. To say that the town council is a "growth-at-any-cost gang" is unreasonable and unfair.

It is inconceivable that anyone in Payson would run for the council for "personal financial enrichment." Quite the contrary is true. All of the councilmembers, who have chosen to work in the best interests of the community-at-large, will expend many uncompensated dollars and thousands of hours toiling for the overall good of our residents.

No one on the council is lining his or her pockets at the expense of the citizens.

Change throughout Arizona is going to happen. We are truly unable to post policemen across the highways leading into Payson and pass ordinances that demand that all nonresidents turn back, which was tried in the dust-bowl days. We can, though, face the future and create a dynamic community through synergy.

Most all retirees, and the rest of us consumers, want abundant choices in food, opportunities to save money, multiple choices of restaurants and a variety of gas stations to create competition. This is true for physicians, entertainment, churches and housing. So that we can have it all, there must be diversity and a modicum of growth. Any growth means we will not have a town like we had five, 20 or 50 years ago. Today's Payson will never reflect the black and white photos in Arizona Highways of yesteryear.

The quality of life in Payson is outstanding. That is true for children, working adults and retirees. If it were not so, then why have so many chosen Payson as a place to raise families and retire?

Instead of painting all councilmembers with a broad brush of negative comments, try thanking each for running for office. Collectively, they are owed a debt of gratitude. I encourage you to disagree with them on an individual basis, but don't besmirch their credibility with unreasonable and unfair accusations.

Robert Ware, Payson

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